Starting a new diet can be daunting at first. It’s all about starting small, and creating a set of rules you must live by in order to achieve your fitness or overall health goals. It may seem impossible to kick your old cravings and bad habit, but this article from CBS News highlights 8 simple habits to change for a healthier 2018. One tip that stood out to me in particular was, “put an end to mindless eating.”

“Food needs its own time and space. If you’re watching a sports game or a great movie, sometimes you won’t even appreciate the food you’re eating andyou’re just putting your hand to mouth because it’s there.” This can be especially true during any type of entertainment where you pay attention to the entertainment more than the food you are constantly munching on. Suggestions to combat this craving is to possibly chew on sugar free gum, but for me, I like to eat a handful of frozen grapes. The grapes are so cold that you have to slow down and pay attention to every bite.


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