Spring has officially begun and you know what that means…. allergy season is upon us! Taking a pill every morning to try and find some sort of relief doesn’t work for all of us, and the drowsiness of allergy medication can be especially frustrating. In this article from the Wellness Mama, we explore 9 of the better natural remedies proven to work against seasonal allergy relief.

To start the article, Katie from the Wellness Mama mentions the impact that diet, strong gut health, and overall health¬†can make when it comes to fighting seasonal allergies because allergic response has everything to do with the immune system. This makes perfect sense because when the body is busy fighting off the effects of the bad choices we make, it doesn’t have the troops to resist normally harmless substances.

Local honey here in Chico is my favorite natural allergy remedy, and can be found at the local Farmer’s Market for a reasonable price. I add a teaspoon of honey into my morning coffee, and sometimes on a piece of toast for breakfast, and the impact of my seasonal allergies is greatly reduced. This allows for more focus in the workplace and for more motivation to continue making healthy lifestyle choices.

To read more about the other natural remedies to fight off seasonal allergies, explore the full article here: https://wellnessmama.com/8370/allergy-relief-remedies/