Why do we exercise? Some say to look better and to be more healthy, which are all absolutely true benefits of exercise, but what about the benefits exercise has on our minds. The above video is a Ted-ed video aimed to try and educate us on how not only regular exercise, but also competing in sports, benefits our overall physical and mental health. The physical benefits include strengthening our bones, reducing our cholesterol levels, reducing the risks of diabetes, and decreasing the risk of stoke and high blood pressure. Let’s also not forget that exercise just flat out makes your body feel great! What seems to be one of the greatest benefits of exercise is the fact that our body releases endorphin’s which can lead to feelings of euphoria, which overall improves our focus, mood, and memory.

Studies show that competing in team exercise, rather than exercising alone, has numerous additional benefits for our physical and mental health. As the video describes so perfectly, many of the most significant are physiological benefits which come from the communal experience of being on a team. These include a feeling of community and belonging, and being able to depend on others which serve a feeling of being valued. School sports show reducedĀ risks of suffering from depression while simultaneously boosting your self-esteem and confidence for our youth.


EveryBody HealthyBody encourages incorporating any level of active lifestyle into the lives of our community, whether that’s through individual exercise, or through team sports. Our vision is to develop a sports and active lifestyle complex which will aim to provide numerous opportunities for citizens of all ages to join clubs and teams which can meet any of your individual fitness needs. Providing a wide variety of options means that everyone can find an activity they truly enjoy which will promote our community getting out and getting active even more than we already are! Lets get active Chico!