On Thursday November 2, EveryBody Healthy Body and CARD met at The Community Center here in Chico to discuss the vision of a regional and active lifestyle complex. The meeting was a huge success as EBHB held two objectives of priority while conducting the meeting. The first was to gain a common understanding as to the vision and goals of both EBHB and CARD. And the second was to begin to identify areas where the two organizations could collaborate together to achieve such goals.

EBHB was trying to emphasize the fact that they will not personally be the ones building facilities on the property once the land is acquired. EBHB’s role is to source the land to facility partners.

CARD addressed their concerns as to land conservation and how the project will be funded. Kathy Carpenter, a member on the Board of Directors for EBHB, addressed this issue by proposing the potential to have private investors donate, or borrowing the money from either a bank or private investor. As far as the land conservation, Jim Stevens with Northstar discussed the feasibility of actually building on the site. He mentioned that numerous feasibility studies are being conducted and that land conservation is always a top priority in these matters.

EBHB was trying to get the point across that at this stage in the process, these issues are a part of a working discussion between not only these two organizations, but also members of the community. As the project gains more momentum, these issues will be able to be discussed in more detail because EBHB simply isn’t to that point of the discussion yet. We have to acquire the land first, then we can move forward into the construction process.

Above is a link to an interview with EBHB’s Vision and Project Coordinator Jovanni Tricerri who led the meeting with CARD. Jovanni goes into more detail on EBHB’s vision and the overall purpose of condcuting the meeting with CARD.

This meeting was a fantastic opportunity for local members of the community to come out and share support for this project, while also gaining some information of the details going into the plan.

CARD will be holding a Board of Directors meeting November 16th at 7:00PM where they will address how they plan to move forward in collaboration for this project! The address is 545 Vallumbrosa Way and will be held at the Community Center, the same place as the last meeting. We hope to see you there!