A regional sports & active lifestyle complex—a destination venue beyond sports.

The vision of a space to host Competitive Sports and Tournaments, a Sports Complex, has been discussed for years. Everybody, Healthy Body is dedicated citizens committed to identifying and securing that unique space, working with our local recreation districts and all sport organizations to meet facilities needs today and in the future. We are also committed to securing space to create a Paralympics Training Center for adaptive sports – a venue desperately needed for our disabled youth, adult and wounded warriors.

With community support we can see this vision come to reality. This vision goes beyond sports – it is about a unique space that integrates sports, recreation, education and preservation all around health and wellness.

This is why we need members and individual donors. Your support will make this a true community-driven project that will create a legacy!


The BUTTE FAN membership allows for all community members to be a part of bringing this project to reality ($25 annual membership).

Butte Fans will receive up-to-date progress reports and newsletters on the developments of the Sports/Community Complex.You will also receive special access to events hosted by Everybody, Healthy Body that highlights significant milestones in the project’s success.


The YOUNG FRIENDS membership allow our children to become involved in community projects and philanthropy early in life ($5 membership)

This is a project that will impact their lifestyle in years to come. For them to be able participate in the progress of this development is invaluable. As we build Everybody, Healthy Body we will create venues for our YOUNG FRIENDS.


The Founding Visionary are those early adopters who see the vision, are passionate about sports, recreation and education and most of all want to make the community better for our youth and want to leave a legacy for the future. We need to create space for future sports and competitive sports, we have a deficit, we need to protect Butte Creek and we need to relieve some of the stress on Bidwell Park and its overuse in the future.

Donors are true Visionaries. Donations provide the seed funding for EBHB’s near term key objectives.  Click through for more info.

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