Sports tourism is defined as, “traveling to a location away from home for a sporting event in which you are either observing or participating”. Whether it be driving to the next town over to watch your children compete on club teams, or whether you travel great distances to see your favorite team compete live, people are drawn to the atmosphere of sports.

With an estimated $9 billion a year being spent on just youth sports tourism alone, the attraction to bring some of that economic profit into our local communities is very enticing. Sports and active lifestyle complex’s are emerging all over the U.S. and EBHB believes that the vision of building one here in Chico is not only feasible, but could be an essential economic driver for our community.

The following video is an interview with Jim Holland who is on the Board of Supervisors for the Dale District in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Jim speaks of how important sports tourism has become for Chesterfield County after they developed a regional sports complex of their own. Not only does this project promote healthy lifestyles for the community, but he goes into detail as to how significant of an economic impact the facility has had for their county. Jim claims that the facility has warranted $25.3 million dollars annually, with a 13% increase in tourism, resulting in $860 million dollars for the region!


Chesterfield County has not only developed a sports complex for their region, but has also updated their¬†existing sports venues and these numbers are proof that this tactic is really showing great economic profit for their region. Jim speaks of how much the construction of a collegiate swimming pool has attracted visitors from all areas to compete at their pool numerous times a year. EBHB and the Chico Area Recreation and Park District are working together to add a pool of this nature into our vision of a sports and active lifestyle complex. The impact this type of tourism would have on our county would be tremendous. Let’s bring this type of community enhancement to Chico!