Frequently Asked Questions

Do you own athletics facilities and provide athletic programs?

No, we are 501(c)(3) organization facilitating collaborative partnership, leadership, vision development, and resource acquisition for the development of comprehensive sports facilities and the expansion of athletic programming.

Our purpose is to provide opportunities for independent public and private organizations to collaborate and partner to develop world class facilities and programming. Our intent is to provide the organizational structure, thought leaders, and access to resources. Additionally, we act as a conduit to business communities and other stakeholder groups who may not be athletics facility owners or program providers, but have a vested interest in supporting a community wide effort. We act as a central point of communication to mobilize our memberships and get the word out to support participating organizations and individuals.

Are there any other places in the country where this type of work is also happening?

Sports Planning Guide – Rise of The Megacilities

Spooky Nook Sports. Manheim, PA. Opened June, 2013.

LakePoint Sporting Community. Emerson, GA. Nov, 2013.

Round Rock Sports Center. Round Rock, TX. Jan, 2014.

Grand Park. Westfield, IN. Mar, 2014.

Nathan Benderson Park. Sarasota, FL. June, 2014.

Rocky Top Sports World. Gatlinburg, TN. July, 2014.

Art Van Sports Complex. Rockford, MI. Aug, 2014.

Myrtle Beach Sports Center. Myrtle Beach, SC. Mar, 2015

How can I get involved?


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