Opportunities for first-class facilities and significant economic impact.

Guiding Principles

The purpose of this study was to explore the feasibility of a sports complex in Butte County. Three guiding principles were identified to evaluate the proposed sports complex: 

It must create a positive economic impact by generating incremental revenue from non-local athletes, families and guests;

It must create a set of assets that enhance local residents’ and local sports organizations access to high-quality, year-around sports facilities;

It must be optimized operationally so as to limit the amount of ongoing financial support required while maximizing the opportunity to attract and host non-local users.

Summary of Findings

Supply & Demand ~ There is a clear need for additional sports and recreational facilities including adaptive sports in Butte County.

Tournaments ~ Opportunity in the regional market to host over 100 tournaments and related events per year if the necessary facilities are constructed.

Feasibility ~ A large-scale sports complex in Butte County is feasible through a combination of programming and regional events with the right facilities.

Economic Impact ~ A complex with the recommended indoor, outdoor and aquatic facilities has the potential to generate up to $38 million annually after growth and stabilization, adding 208-434 direct and indirect jobs impact.

Visitor Projections ~ As proposed, the complex would generate over 131,000 visitors (34,000 room nights) annually.


A regional sports & active lifestyle complex—a destination venue beyond sports.

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