A regional sports & active lifestyle complex—a destination venue beyond athletics.


How will it be funded?

EBHB has no taxing authority. EBHB’s goal is to privately fund the acquisition of land, use grants where possible, identify strategic public support and work with facility partners on their specific development. Currently, EBHB has pledges of approximately 50% for land acquisition.

Who will own the land?

Initially, EBHB, as a non-profit 501(c)(3) community development corporation, would hold title until facility partnerships/developments are ready to launch. Upon development, EBHB would create parcels for sale and/or lease according to the master plan.

Has the project obtained environmental clearances?

A focused protocol-level botanical survey was conducted in early 2017 for Butte County meadowfoam (BCM). Butte County meadowfoam is a state and federal endangered species and a California Native Plant Society Rank 1B.1 species. The survey was conducted per U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and CA Department of Fish and Wildlife guidelines. No BCM was found and the land is not conducive to hosting BCM habitat. A desktop wetland analysis has also been completed.

Is the project growth-inducing?

The intent is to develop in the county, outside of the Chico sphere of influence. Infrastructure will be sized for the project only, limiting opportunities for growth inducement. There are no plans for nor is EBHB supporting any plan for future development.

How many and what types of facilities is EBHB planning?

At the moment, we do not have a master plan for facilities. Analysis 2 of The Sports Force Feasibility Study will provide recommendations for facility development based on market demand for short- and long-term needs. The feasibility report will describe local needs, which are addressed by local recreational districts and competitive/tournament facility needs for creating a sports tourism venue. Types of facilities for Phase 1 Development could include an Adapted Sports Campus, fields, indoor gym, archery, wake park, education facility and possible health and wellness center.

Is anyone currently interested in facility development?

We are in early discussions with multiple groups including the disabled community, education, health and competitive sports organizations.

Will there be a convention center?

The discussion about a need for a regional convention center sized for our community has been discussed for years. There would certainly be space, coordinated with a well-planned sports & recreation complex. A facility partner who would operate a convention center would need to identify and bring the resources to build and manage such a facility.

Who would build the facilities?

Facility partners will build facilities; public or private as the demand and financing is available to them. Currently, EBHB is in discussion with some early adopter facility partners – public, quasi-public, non-profit and private – who would be ready to develop facilities as soon as entitlements are complete and initial infrastructure scheduled.

EBHB’s role is to secure land at affordable cost, facilitating development based on a master plan.

Who will manage the complex?

Operations and management structures will be reviewed in Analysis 2 of the feasibility report with case study scenarios provided by feasibility consultant, The Sports Force. Finalizing structure will mostly occur in Phase 4.

Will the project be in the City of Chico or Butte County?

The identified site is in the unincorporated part of Butte County, zoned AG-40. It is not in the sphere of influence of the City of Chico. Developing in the county helps limit opportunities for growth inducement.

Will the project be annexed to the City of Chico?

There are no plans to annex.

Does this conflict with the existing recreation districts?

A major goal of Phase 1 is the collaboration and coordination with all area recreation districts. We wish to work together in planning facilities so as not to duplicate but enhance offering and increase shared use.

EBHB goals align with the goals of local recreation districts: adding land inventory for future regional needs, focus on space for programming competitive sports and adapted sports, attracting regional tournaments.

This goal will drive economic activity, creating a sports tourism venue.

Is a broker making money off this deal?

EveryBody Healthy Body is a non-profit, volunteer group. All board members and advisors are donating their time and expertise. Brokers are graciously donating any comission paid by the land owner back to EBHB for further advancement of the EBHB vision.

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