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This grassroots movement to create first-class facilities for sports, recreation, education and health is dependent on private contributions to spearhead this effort. Consider becoming a Butte Fan for only $25 to join the hundreds of community members who are part of this movement.

Your support will make this a true community-driven project that will create a legacy!

Young Friends

  • The YOUNG FRIENDS membership allow our children to become involved in community projects and philanthropy early in life.
  • This is a project that will impact their lifestyle in years to come. For them to be able participate in the progress of this development is invaluable. As we build EveryBody Healthy Body we will create venues for our YOUNG FRIENDS.


  • The CHAMPION level gives EveryBody Healthy Body an extra boost in the effort to bring a first-class sports & active lifestyle complex to Butte County. Your engagement ensures that this project is a community initiative for generations to come.
  • CHAMPIONS will receive up-to-date progress reports and newsletters on the developments of the sports complex.

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