“For the past twenty years we have been involved in recreational and membership-based adult softball organizations. For the past five years, CAN-Sirs has raised funds by hosting senior softball tournaments. We also promote our mission of cancer awareness and prevention by sponsoring senior softball teams who play throughout the United States. We have seen and enjoyed playing in some excellent facilities with exceptional fields.”

“Our annual benefit tournament draws from 36 to 48 teams, their spouses and friends, and umpires. Teams travel from Oregon, Nevada, Sacramento and surrounding areas, and the Central Valley. Although CAN-Sirs is based in Chico, there are no facilities that can handle a tournament of this size. We have used city facilities in Elk Grove and Sacramento for our tournament.”

“We appreciate that EBHB is exploring the concept of creating a comprehensive sports facility and we are willing to provide suggestions for meeting the needs of senior users. We will also promote the project to our network of senior softball players throughout state.”