Pat Gillick, Sr. Advisor to the President and General Manager of the Phillies, is one of the first to endorse the Butte Sports Complex. In a recent letter of support, Gillick writes: “For more than 70 years, I have had the good fortune to be involved in sports. I became an athlete at a young age, then pursued my love of baseball in roles too numerous to mention. Over the course of my career, I spent time around athletes on both the amateur and professional levels. That experience was measured by wins and losses. Sometimes the losses were more frequent than the wins which made for some very emotionally draining times in my life.

“The idea of building a recreational sports facility in Chico, I believe, would have just the opposite impact on our youth in Butte County. The objective of a recreational sports facility is not to keep track of the wins and losses. Rather, it serves to help build a stronger, healthier and safer community.

“Studies have confirmed that communities with a recreational sports facility provide youth with the opportunity to develop better social skills since the facility becomes a hub of activity, a gathering place where kids are able to empower, inspire and motivate one another.”