Letter of support

Chico State Student Veteran Organization Endorses Chico/Butte Sports Complex!

The SVO can be a catalyst to not only participate in events, but the organization could lend its support in creating internships for college students, mentors, coaches, umpires, etc, once the complex is built. The organization consists of experienced professionals from all walks of life and could even assist with the engineering, construction, design, business concepts, physical therapy, nutrition classes, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, art and décor of the facilities, etc.

The Faculty Advisor to the SVO is Angela Cassler  and in her letter to EBHB, she gives strong support and endorsement to our community initiative. Cassler writes, “The Chico State Student Veteran Organization is in full support of a comprehensive sports facility for our community. EveryBody HealthyBody’s vision of a sports complex will enable our rural community to create activities that are for everyone in our community and will promote health and fitness for people of all ages.”

EBHB looks forward to building a lasting relationship with the veterans in our community and hopes work closely with them in mind while exploring potential facilities in the complex to better suit their specific needs.