Kathy Carpenter, Partner and Co-Founder of RedRock Financial joins EBHB as a Founding Visionary and currently serves on our Board. In a letter of support, Carpenter writes,  “EVERYBODY, Healthy Body is working to bring the future good to Butte County. To bring a vision of this magnitude to our community and have the forethought to purposefully plan for future recreation and learning may be the one of the most important projects of our time. We all aspire to be successful and once we reach that goal, it is our responsibility to take that success and turn it into significance for future generations.

“I hope others will join me as a donor, Founding Visionary, demonstrating their vision and support of this effort. What we do today will allow future generations to enjoy these incredible assets, have a quality of life similar to ours by adding more open space, parks and recreation land per person and the ability to continue to create opportunities in the future by our gift of land dedicated to sports, recreation and educational space.”

To become a Founding Visionary, go to https://everybodyhealthybody.org/donations/donatenow/