How could our community benefit from a first class swimming facility?

The development of an aquatic center would benefit our community from both a health and economic perspective. Aerobic exercises like swimming is beneficial to cardiovascular health, helps your cells absorb glucose, and lowers your blood sugar. To go along with these health benefits, swimming is also great for your joints and can serve as an alternative form of cardio for those who suffer from joint pain or if you suffer from a chronic disease like arthritis. You are more buoyant in water, allowing you to move stiff joints while bearing less weight. Additionally, buoyancy frees your body to move in different ways than when you are out of the water, exercising important postural muscles.

Our community as a whole would reap the benefits from the sports tourism a first class swimming facility would provide. Having a central location to hold swim meets for all of the surrounding areas would drive traffic into our community, simultaneously driving our economy upward.

The article states, “Swimming and warm water therapy decrease anxiety and depression while improving

the mood of fibromyalgia patients. Swimming in a cool pool is a great way to safely exercise on a hot day, reducing the risk of heat stroke. Family swim sessions instill a life-long passion for exercise and good health in children, as well as giving families an excuse to enjoy time together. Swimming helps develop strength and coordination in children, increasing your child’s chances of continuing healthy exercise patterns for life.”

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