Kim DuFour with North Valley Community Foundation

Community Testimonials | August 22, 2022

Everybody, Healthy Body – Imagine a place where the whole family can recreate without leaving town!

Kim DuFour, a senior program officer at North Valley Community Foundation and long-term Butte County resident, illustrates the frustrations of families with multiple children in sports programs and the benefits of the 264 acres of land. This land is dedicated to a large health, wellness, education and recreation facility for Butte County.

North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to working with “anyone with a dream to make the world better regardless of wealth, influence or resources”. EBHB works closely with NVCF and in 2018, the EBHB Voucher Program was created to help Butte County fire victims get active and live healthy lifestyles even with barriers that make that hard to do.

You can help support the EBHB Vision by sharing this video with your friends and signing a letter of support to send to the Butte County Board of Supervisors. Your support can help get 264 acres of land rezoned to be used for health, wellness, education, and recreational purposes. Sign your letter of support here: Current Focus – Letter of Support