The Chico Cycling Team joins the many local organizations to endorse EveryBody Healthy Body’s vision of a regional and active lifestyle complex here in Chico. They are especially interested in the potential construction of a velodrome!

“We believe that the vision outlined by EVERYBODY, Healthy Body will enhance the quality of life and community resources available to the bicyclists and fans of bicycling of all ages in the north state, and we would like to be a part of it. We envision a Velodrome as part of the facility, which would be a big ‘draw’ for competitive cyclists throughout the west coast, as well as for local recreational cyclists.”

“Currently there is no velodrome north of San Jose California or south of Portland Oregon and the EBHB facility would make the perfect location! Velodromes host the most exciting and spectator-friendly bike races, can accommodate a stage of a stage race such as the esteemed Chico Stage Race and provide an excellent opportunity for engaging local cyclists in riding, racing and enhancing their skills in a safe and focused environment. We look forward to discussing how a velodrome might be incorporated into the EBHB facility!”