The The Aspen Institute launched an initiative called Project Play 2020, which represents the first time that industry and non-profit groups have come together to develop shared goals around making sport accessible to all children, regardless of zip code or ability.

“Only 36.9 percent of children ages 6-to-12 played team sports regularly in 2016 – down from 38.6 percent last year and 41.4 percent in 2012.” The decreasing number of youth participating in team sports is exactly what the Aspen Institute is tying to address. Team sports allow children to feel a sense of community, along with allowing them to set and achieve goals together as a group.

According to an analysis by the Johns Hopkins researchers, “Research shows that engaging children in sport and physical activity unleashes a virtuous cycle that bears myriad rewards for individuals, families, and society. Lifting the number of youth who get and stay active will save tens of billions of dollars in direct medical costs and economic productivity losses alone.”


This wonderful article goes into detail and shows how these numerous organizations have come together to provide a venue for stakeholders to build healthy communities through sports, very similar to what EBHB has planned for Butte County!


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