The Vision

A grassroots movement to promote healthy, active lifestyles in Butte County


Together with community leaders in health and wellness, education, parks and recreation, athletics, and as an Aspen Institute Project Play Champion, EBHB is leading an initiative and vision to develop a multi-use campus providing space and facilities as an integrated destination hub connected to other local venues in Butte County.

Physical activity is a key component to addressing critical health situations plaguing our youth and adults – chronic conditions of diabetes, obesity, depressive disorders, ACE, and substance abuse. The 2018 feasibility study identified the need for more space, facilities, and programming throughout Butte County for free play, organized sports, training, and providing the community the opportunity to host tournaments so parents don’t have to leave every weekend.

The November 2018 Camp Fire exacerbated the need in a totally different way. Physical activity is a key component in addressing trauma reduction as well as critical health conditions. Evidence-based research demonstrates active kids gain valuable life skills in self-confidence, collaboration, empathy, and are healthier in adult life.

It is our responsibility to provide the venues today and in the future for our children to experience and learn physical literacy for a healthy life.


Every Body Healthy Body was formed on a vision of creating more and better space for active and passive sports and play – a destination, and a mission to increase access for all youth and adults to participate in an active lifestyle. Our foundation is built on the commitment of Founding Visionaries who believe what we do today will benefit future generations. See our Founding Visionaries 

Everybody Healthy Body is a national Project Play Champion in 2019. Project Play, an international initiative of the Aspen Institute annually recognizes organizations taking new, meaningful, and specific actions consistent with the Project Play framework. Launched in 2013 Project Play to engage people, businesses, and communities to build healthy communities through sports. The list of committed sponsors including national sports leagues, Nike, Target, Dick’s, ESPN, Olympics, Paralympics, and Amazon.

Everybody Healthy Body was selected by the Aaron Rodgers NorCal Fire Recovery Fund in 2019 to form and lead a Task Force on Health, Education, and Physical Activity to address recovery efforts in the region resulting from the devastating 2018 Camp Fire.

Everybody Healthy Body, a partner and fund with NVCF, has launched initiatives related to the 2018 Camp Fire, Health & Wellness, and serves as a portal to the many sports and play organizations serving Butte County to identify and address current and emerging challenges for youth and adults to have active lifestyles. NVCF supports the vision and needs for proper active facilities and understands programming has a major component of promoting a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle for the residents of our region.


EBHB’s vision is the multi-use complex, EBHB’s mission is assisting and supporting increasing physical activity throughout the County.

The Aaron Rodgers NorCal Fire Recovery Fund supported EBHB in launching a Healthy Communities Initiative with a focus on increasing physical activity as part of trauma-reduction. Our goal was to create a Task Force of health and wellness, education and sports stakeholders to identify collaborative actions to address methods to increase physical activity.

In February 2020 the EBHB reported the Task Force recommended continuing with a Healthy Communities Initiative that brings all entities together and focus on three areas:

EBHB will continue to engage with the initiative leading Project Play, Trauma-Informed Coaching and Place-Based Strategies.


  • Adventist Health
  • American Red Cross
  • Boys & Girls Club North Valley
  • Butte County Office of Education
  • Butte College
  • Butte County Behavioral Health
  • Butte County Public Health
  • Butte-Glenn Medical Society
  • Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group
  • Chico Area Recreation & Park District
  • CSU, Center for Healthy Communities
  • Enloe Medical Center
  • Feather River Health Foundation
  • North Valley Community Foundation
  • Paradise Recreation and Park District.


Healthy Communities Initiative

EBHB is the driving force in bringing together diverse organizations to formalize a structure for effective collaboration and partnership that supports the movement towards a healthy community. Our goal is to help support and create evidence based programs that are sustainable today and in the future.

Physical Literacy Awareness

EBHB is supporting access and opportunity for our community to engage in local, affordable, and quality programs that promote healthy lifestyles. We are aligned with the Aspen Institute’s Project Play and follow their mission to apply and share knowledge that helps build healthy communities through physical activity.

Place-based strategies

EBHB’s long term vision is targeted toward the development and creation of a play space and infrastructure to support an active community. This will be done through a collaborative process by which we can maximize shared value with other recreation and sports organizations, enhancing the quality of access and opportunity for our community.


Everybody Healthy Body’s vision is to have a unique and destination-oriented health, wellness, and sports (physical activity) campus located conveniently for visitors, traveling sports leagues and teams and central to Butte County residents while integrated and connecting with other Butte County venues – The Facility.

The vision of a multi-facility campus is supported by due diligence and a feasibility analysis. The Board understands this is a long-term vision requiring significant work through six critical steps to reality – a sustainable campus.

Before initiating a feasibility of such a campus, the Board knew they first had to find a setting for this unique campus that would be larger enough to serve generations 50 years in the future. Evaluating 14 possible locations, EBHB identified 264 acres on the southern edge of the Chico Urban Area as the best opportunity for the campus – adjacent to Butte Creek Preserve, year round riparian stream, gentle topography, majestic Oak Woodlands and historic rock walls, adjacent to Hwy 99 and accessible from Skyway and Hwy 99.

The nearly 264 acres provides the opportunity to imagine, plan, create and build the most expansive range of recreational and community facilities and services for current and future generations in the North State.




Feasibility Study

The Everybody Healthy Body vision is to have a unique and destination-oriented health, wellness, and sports (physical activity) campus located conveniently for visitors, traveling sports leagues and teams and central to Butte County residents. To ensure our efforts and investment would create the return on mission we envisioned, The Sports Force conducted a feasibility study outlining the strengths and opportunities to fulfilling our vision. Become a donor


Impact Investors – Legacy Circle LLC

Most venues such as envisioned are financed by the government through special taxes paid for by residents. Unfortunately, for Butte County and the local cities that is not an option. Taking a page from private development, a Legacy Circle LLC has been formed whereby private “impact” investors – those investing in mission-oriented, community-driven projects that make a difference in people’s lives – was formed. Private investment will drive the project forward while always looking for public-private partnerships on specific facility developments.


Land Acquisition

Land acquisition of a site large enough for future generations is envisioned. A 264-acres south of Chico, along Highway 99, provides the perfect setting to facilitate long-term planning and build-out of a unique community campus.


Entitlement & Environmental Processing

The proposed site will require entitlement and environmental processing in accordance with the State of California law and Land Use Planning. The current land designation is AG-40 with a zoning overlay of Recreation Commercial.


Back Bone Infrastructure

Infrastructure for the project including access, new road alignments, water, and internet will be planned in coordination with the County and Cities.


Corporate Sponsors

As the project begins to move forward there will be opportunities for Corporate Sponsorship and memorial naming for the campus, facilities, and events.