A destination venue beyond sports, engaging critical community health, education and economic sectors.

A regional sports and active lifestyle center anchored by adapted sports, planned in collaboration with education, health & wellness, recreation, sports, tourism, our local community, and national organizations.

A center, where families stay and play, that leverages regional and national events, training, and tournaments for local benefit.




    Driven by principles of Equity, Access and Opportunity, the focus of a “big sports complex” has evolved into a much broader community vision incorporating adapted sports, education, health & wellness, ecology, the arts, tourism and economic development.


    Land as a Critical Asset   As existing urban areas develop, land becomes more limited and more costly.  For those perpetual institutions serving the public interest such as recreation, health and education, land price and availability is often the difference between a community and its resident being marginally versus abundantly served.   A core element of the vision is to endow future generations with quality and affordable space to achieve their public interest vision, an opportunity uniquely and distinctly made possible with the 264 acre site.
    Facility Deficit & Youth Engagement The current deficit in the number, type and  quality of facilities prevents local organizers from holding tournaments and competitive sporting events, adding stress and expense on local families forced to travel out of the area for weekend sporting events.  For the thousands of local families unable to afford such travel, these character and even career building sporting events are beyond reach.  The vision of a major sporting venue incorporating health and education aligns directly with the principle of Equity, Access and Opportunity for our regions youth.
    Limited Capacity to  Enhance Programming Meetings, surveys and consultation with  dozens of sports organizations indicates clearly that the lack of facilities and the time available to use existing facilities limits their ability to offer more and enhanced programming in various sports venues.
    Missed Economic Opportunity Competitive sports as a major jobs and economic driver is well documented in case studies, industry publications and even 60 Minutes.   Parents routinely spend $500-$700 a weekend on youth tournaments and events, hotels, restaurants and retail shops, which today is exported to communities and counties whose vision and fortitude now attracts sports tourism.
    Integrating Sports, Education & Health/Wellness The importance of healthy lifestyle is reaching new awareness across the nation as communities, organizations and businesses look for ways to improve local health statistics.  Integrating existing and future educational, medical and recreational assets with health/wellness initiative(s)  provides opportunity for work-based learning, fosters career pathways in sports, ecology and medicine, all of which benefit our regions drive towards preventative health awareness.


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