What We Do

Our work is based on the idea that together we are stronger, that collaboration and partnership is a foundation for maximum benefit for all members and organizations in our community.

1. Formation of the 501c3

Providing a central, non-partisan organization where collaborating entities can be assured that their best interests will be preserved and efforts combined to contribute to the greater good.

2. Grassroots Approach

Facilitating a collaborative, community-based development process:

  1. Individual organizations develop their independent vision for facilities development.
  2. Reach out and discover like-minded organizations and the opportunity to partner and collaborate in development of common vision.
  3. Partners join/engage 501c3 to combine interests and forces and get the job done.



3. Resourcing Leadership

Engaging thought leaders, those with the knowledge and capacity to lead, is critical to the success of a community-wide effort and an essential function of EBHB.

4. Engaging and Coordinating Partnerships

Developing win-win partnerships is an essential component of creating an economically viable and sustainable athletics facility that provides programming to the broadest spectrum of programming. Cultivating partnerships involves engaging the following key subgroups:

Facilities Partners: commit to collaboration, working towards the mutual benefit of shared use and maximum cross-pollination of program participation and revenue generation. 

Partner Spotlight – Ability First Sports


Since 1985, Ability First Youth Sports has provided sports and recreation opportunities for youth with physical disabilities. Ability First was founded by Eric Snedeker and Bill Bowness, masters students in the Therapeutic Recreation department at California State University, Chico.

Programmatic Partners: work with us to build the capacity to provide world-class quality programming for a very diverse group of end users.

Civic Leaders: help us to realize the vision, to benefit the larger community and the greater good.

Developers: join forces to create the best possible outcome in terms of planning, resource allocation, and knowledge base.

Business Community: support the 501c3 to energize economic development for our community.

Volunteers/Content Experts: join EBHB to make it happen.

5. Resource Acquisition and Sharing

Resource acquisition and sharing involves knowledge, best practices, governing organization access by specific subject area (for example, access to USA Swimming by involving member organizations), and physical resource acquisition (see IV. PROPOSAL: LAND CONTROL/VISIONING).

6. Programming and Sustainability

Programming and sustainability is about providing support for programming and contractual partnerships to drive revenue and sustainability.

Promote generational health and wellness for Everybody and Every Body. Facilitate opportunities to improve all aspects of generational health and wellness by supporting access to exercise and facilities for all:

Early Childhood Development

School Sports

Youth Club Athletics

Adult Athletics and Recreation

Senior Activities

Provide underserved communities with access to recreation facilities and programming.
  • Free & Reduced Lunch As An Indicator of Poverty
  • Youth and Adults with Disabilities
  • Veterans with Disabilities
  • Paralympics Sports
Promote economic development to maximize benefits to the community.
  • Creation of jobs, both short and long term.
  • Economic anchor.
  • Stimulates new business to the area.
  • Draws local, regional and national events to our community.
  • Increased revenue to local business; hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Builds upon Chico’s brand and identity as a healthy, outdoor community and travel destination.
Draw high-level athletic training and competition to encourage providing services and programming at ALL levels.
  • Elite Athletic Training and Competition
  • Paralympic Training and Competition
  • Travel Team Tournaments
  • Junior Olympics
Deliver the next great amenity to Chico.
  • Organizations partnering = best possible facilities for Chico.
  • Realization of a bigger, better vision.
  • Optimal utility of community investment.
  • Social events.
  • After school activities.
  • Team facilities and competition.