A SPORTS COMPLEX beyond athletics

Feasibility Study Complete!

The Sports Force completed a feasibility study for the development of a sports and active lifestyle complex in Butte County. Read the full report, view the slide deck or download the Executive Summary:

Create a movement for a regional space, promoting healthy, active lifestyles.

EBHB goals are to:

  • Acquire Land. Obtain 264 acres south of Chico,  large enough for phased master planning for a Sports & Active Lifestyle Complex and endowing land for future generations. 
  • Facilitate Public-Purpose Partnerships. Collaborate with education, health, sports, recreation and local communities to plan shared space uses centered around an Adapted Sports Campus that serves disabled youth, adults and Veterans.
  • Create Economic Opportunity.  Generate $35-$45 million annual economic impact by collaborating with education on work-based learning, health sector on healthy community initiatives, tourism on marketing a unique Butte County destination and sports on hosting regional and national training and competitions. 


Collaborative engagement in community health, education and economic sectors.

Adapted Sports

Provide land for an adapted sports complex that would serve disabled youth, adults and veterans.


Provide collaborative opportunities with our educational institutions for hands-on learning in emerging sectors.

Health & Wellness

Provide space for athletic training, physical therapy and promote healthy activities accessible to everyone.

Sports & Recreation

Provide expanded space for use among competitive and tournament sports leagues.


Protect ecological assets and opportunities with the Butte Creek Preserve.

Economic Development

Create a destination sports tourism industry that could bring $30 million annually to our local economy.


Thanks to the support of generous community leaders, this vision has increased momentum.


Carol Robinson and Mark Pierce

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